Aztec Food

Outside of Tenochtilan Aztec Farmers grew crops such as fruits, vegitables, maize (corn), and flowers on plots of land called chinampas. Chinampas were like small Islands in the lake. Farmers would start by building a frame-work of twigs and branches, then they cover it with rich black mud from the bottom of the lake. Maize and beans was their most important food, corn was grounded into flour for tortillas, tamales or they fried it to make popcorn. and beans were convienent, A healthy meal to the aztecs was a tortilla filled with beans meat and chillies, They loved spicy food.

Aztec Drinks

Water played an important role to the Aztecs, It was what they mainly drank. Alcholic beverages were available to them, they were made from fruits, cacti, and honey. Although intoxication was not admired by the aztecs, you were looked down upon if you were drunk, with the exception of seniors, anyone who was intoxicated would face harsh punishments. The punishment could be as severe as execution.

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