a9.jpg Aztecs Warriors

Aztec clothing

Like any culture the aztecs were influenced by their enviornment. The aztecs wore similar clothing as many other groups

in Mexico and much of mesoamerica. The type of cloth they wore was breechcloth, it would normally be in a rectangular shape

placed between the thighs of the person wearing it, its held together by either a belt or string. the purpose of the breechcloth

was to conceal the genitals. usually the aztec men would wear the breechcloth under a cape or a cloak which they called

"tilmatli". the tilmatli was an important piece to the aztecs and the type they wore it would determine the status of that person wearing it. another important clothing was sandals, they also told the status of that person. Although when entering the temples and approaching the emperor all aztecs were required to take off their sandals and go in barefooted. The aztec women wore blouses which they called "huipilli", with their blouses they'd wear skirts which they called "cueitl", the term together cueitl huipilli refered to a woman. The aztecs didn't wear much clothing because it was hot, their clothing was designed for hot weather, in which they lived in.

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