Aztec Warfare

The aztecs were fierce warriors, war was a way of life for them. Boys were trained to handle weapons and fight at an early age.Every male born in the aztec empire received a rank of military training. It was considered a great honor when an aztec boy had taken three prisoners of war, the best warriors were rewarded for their bravery in battle. The Aztec army was organized into two layers. the soldiers were known as the commoners they had basic military training .The Nobles were the highly skilled trained warriors. Although they were few in numbers compared to the commoners. The nobles were the only warriors to wear eagle and jaguar costumes in battle. The aztecs desired in human sacrifice. war was the primary way in which the aztecs expanded their economy. a22.jpg

Aztec weapons

The aztecs use a variety of weapons on the battlefield , their favorite was their aztec spear which they called "Atlati"

the main aztec weapons were slings, bows, arrows knives and spears.Their armor consist of a shield known as "chimalli" it was decorated with feathers on the front of it as well as other materials. Another shield they had was the "Ichcahuipilli," it was about two fingers thick and was usually carried by the Nobles.

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